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    • Concurrence in the framework of coherent states 

      K. Berrada; A. Chafik; Eleuch, Hichem; Y. Hassouni (Springer, 2009-07-29)
      The concurrence of a two-qubit nonorthogonal pure state is determined through the construction of this state in the language of spin coherent states.The generalization of this method to the case of a class of mixed stats ...
    • Entanglement of two-qubit nonorthogonal states 

      Eleuch, Hichem; A. Chafik; K. Berrada; Y. Hassouni (World Scientific Publishing Company, 2009-03-30)
      We studied the entangled two-qubit nonorthogonal pure states through spin coherent states. Using the concurrence as a measure of entanglement we express it as a function of the amplitudes of those states and find conditions ...
    • M-Flip Concurrence in the Framework of Multipartite Spin Coherent States 

      A. Chafik; K. Berrada; Eleuch, Hichem; M. Abdel-Aty (American Scientific Publishers, 2014-10-10)
      In this paper, we propose a useful practical way to investigate and control the amount of entanglement in multipartite systems using the spin coherent states (SCSs). Using the M-Flip concurrence as a measure of entanglement, ...