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    • Entropy squeezing of a three-level atom interacting with a cavity field 

      M. M. Nassara; Eleuch, Hichem; M. Abdel-Aty; A. -S. F. Obada (Global-Science Press, 2010-02-15)
      We study the field entropy squeezing as a measure of the entanglement in a three-level system interacting with a cavity field. Numerical calculations under currentexperimentalconditionsareperformedanditisfoundthattheinitia ...
    • Multi-particle entanglement of charge qubits coupled to a nanoresonator 

      M. Abdel-Aty; J. Larson; Eleuch, Hichem; A. -S. F. Obada (Elsevier, 2011)
      The dynamics of charge qubits coupled to a nanomechanical resonator under the influence of both a phonon bath in contact with the resonator and irreversible decay of the qubits is considered. The focus of our analysis is ...